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We now accept GCN as payment.
GCN is similar to Bitcoin.

You can get a GCN windows wallet at

Current Rate of exchange: G50,000 = €1.00 updated 20/12/2017
Address to pay GCN is: GQQ869f9T6JMHhQEpKLeY5JvQ9uYoK2d2S

So you send G1,000,000 to spend €10.00

Delivery is mostly Euro 10 outside Ireland. Unless the item weights over
a half KG or the country is far away. We will ask for extra if needed.
Then just make your order and wait for your goods.
Max: Euro 155 per transaction including delivery. One per person per week.
Goods must arrive before next order.

Choose pay by wire transfer and email your confirmation.
Some goods are to heavy too ship outside the UK & Ireland.
Goods may not always be exactly the same manufacturer. Products rotate sometimes.
Most countries are no problem to ship to. There are some exceptions.
Postage services will mostly not carry batteries due to airline security.
Shipping mostly takes from 3 days to 35 days. Depends on many factors.
Please do not order if you don't understand or accept the terms.

Do you have a different type of CryptoCurrency?

No Problem

Just go to and you can trade your CryptoCurrency for GCN.


How to Pay
The GCN wallet address is: GQQ869f9T6JMHhQEpKLeY5JvQ9uYoK2d2S

OR use the QR Code

Some items maybe too heavy to ship outside UK and Ireland we will get back to you with shipping costs.

Have you tried GCN's new file transfer service. No email, No links & free GCN.

Gfile is the fastest file transfer service in the world :)

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Buying with GCN
GCN Delivery (For shipments outside Ireland)
: €10.00

If you are paying for a product with GCN and it is being shipped outside of Ireland it is mandatory to purchase this option. It will also speed up delivery for you.

Just click the Add to Cart button and then select the product you desire. Make sure you have transferred sufficient GCN to cover both the purchase of the product and the shipping option.

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