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Returns :

There are different types of returns.

1 : Where you are not satisfied with the product and you want your money back.

2 : Where you need a replacement product eg a slightly different variation.

3 : Where you want to return the product but you want us to credit you with the value so you can buy another product at a later date.

4 : In all these cases please return the product to World of Electronics C/O PABC Services, Home Bird Studios, 18 Newmarket Square, Dublin 8

If you are calling in person please call us in advance on 01 – 2444394 This office operates beyond normal standard office hours and we can always arrange a suitable time that suits you to drop off the product.

Refunds :

In the case of 1 a refund will be made to the account you used to purchase the goods, once the goods are returned in the condition they were dispatched to you.

In the case of 2 your alternative product will be dispatched to you on the same day as your returned or nearest available date if not in stock.

You will be advised of the latter and if you are not satisfied you may opt for 1 above.

In the case of 3 your account will be credited with the cash equivalent of the product value.
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